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For Consultants

Corporate lawyers, doctors, architects and management consultants have access to information, but they lack trust and time – exclusive roles come with high expectations and tighter deadlines. Personal Finance & Wealth Management are mere tasks executed by Bankers and Agents with biased and self-fulfilling interests in mind, leading to financial inefficiencies.

Challenges we have successfully overcome for Consultants

Shortlist, execute & manage investments

Create a Secondary source of Income

Cost Efficiency and Lifestyle Management


We begin this journey by understanding your requirements as a family. Step one of our journey begins with answering the below questions:

  • Manager Quality: Is my advisor financially Independent? What is his qualification & experience?
  • Product Pushing: Do I need this investment? Does it fit my requirements of Risk, Returns & Liquidity?
  • Hidden fees: How do I pay for the services? Commissions or lock-in periods?
  • Managing People: Can my Investments, Tax, Estates & Will be coordinated and managed by one firm?
  • No control: I have no control over my Finances, my Goals or my Retirement?

Age: 40 – 55

Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals

Proactive & Carrier Focused

Create A Secondary Income

We engage with you to create long-term wealth protection and wealth creation strategies to generate a secondary income and achieve your life‘s ambitions.

Our streamlined Processes, easy to use Technology, comprehensive Research, Holistic approach, Unbiased advice and financial Accountability supports you in effectively overcoming your financial challenges & fears.

Solution Framework


Goal Based Planning
Risk Protection
Real Estate Advisory


Income Tax Efficiency
Timely Execution & Reporting
Unbiased Product Selection


ill Health & Disability
Market Values & Goals
Emergency & Pandemic


Minimizing Captial Gains
Financial Accountability
Dynamic Asset Allocation