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Boutique Retirement Advisory

Deeraj Shetty, Chief Dreamer – began his journey of money management at the age of 15 when he moved to the USA to pursue his dream of becoming a professional tennis player.

Whilst living in Singapore and undergoing two internships at CitiBank Singapore and UBS Singapore, Deeraj quickly realized the alarming gap between the Client’s Expectations & Client’s Experience.

Families wanted solutions and what was recommended or advised were exotic products, international funds, or high commission investment products such as Insurance & Pensions. Deeraj dealt with a constant Conflict of Interest in the corporate world; moreover, he did not have the freedom to be client-centric.

“Today Research & Technology is essential to survive.
With changing Customer Behavior, decreasing Customer Loyalty, and technological advancements, competition is fierce. If we wish to create a long term, sustainable business, R&D, Operational Efficiency and Client Engagement is essential.” – Deeraj Shetty

Being an NRI living and working in the USA, Dubai, Bahrain and Singapore, Deeraj understood that India being an unorganized market, the potential to assist families was multifold.

With the intent to empower families to gain financial independence, a Dream was Born in 2011 – to build a boutique Retirement Advisory firm focused on Wealth Protection and Wealth Creation solutions with a detailed focus on Tax Efficiency and Risk Management.

We currently work with Indians across the globe with the vision to create a community of 200 like-minded families where our ambitions and our life’s purpose is achieved: to experience Financial Freedom & Peace of Mind!

Let’s begin our journey together!

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Deeraj Shetty
SEBI Registered Investment Consultant with iFAST Financial!